About SaaS Integrations

Atmos API CASB enable you to seamlessly integrate your cloud services with Atmos Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution.

With Atmos, you can extend your organization's security controls to a wide range of cloud services:

About the SaaS Integrations Page

To view your SaaS Integrations, go to Settings -> SaaS Integrations.

The SaaS Integrations page displays comprehensive information about all configured SaaS integrations, including their status:

  • Enabled - Enables you to control whether to enable or disable the integration.
  • Application Name - The application name
  • Status - The integration status
  • Account - The account identifier
  • Assets Count - The number of assets found in the configured SaaS Application
  • Threats Count - The number of threats detected on the cloud service related to Malware and DLP Violation

Adding new SaaS Integrations

To create a new SaaS Integration click the "New SaaS Integration" button, and the following windows will appear:

Follow the step-by-step configuration instructions for the relevant SaaS Application: