Atmos Agent Device Prerequisites

The Atmos Agent allows you to seamlessly navigate traffic through Axis Security. The Atmos Agent takes all traffic to applications configured in the Management Console, and routes it through the Axis Cloud.

The update frequency is determined by the organization's policy.

End User Access (Firewall Rules)

Agent Access: (udp 443)

TLS Fallback for agent access: (tcp+udp 443)

In case the Atmos agent cannot establish a connection using udp, it will fallback to tls using the "" addresses below. It may be required to pause and restart the agent in case the tls fallback does not apply automatically.

Agent Authentication: *

  • (TCP:443)
  • (TCP:443)


Windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 7 and above.


mac OS Catalina and above


iOS 14.1 and above.

Identity and Authentication

The Atmos Agent authenticates through the default Identity Provider (IdP) that is configured in the tenant. This means that all of the network range applications authenticate through the default IdP.
Users logged in to the Atmos Agent are automatically logged in to the User Portal and web applications. The applications log the user in with the same authentication as the Atmos Agent.