About Connectors

Connectors provide a secure and authenticated interface between a customer’s network and the Axis Security cloud. Connectors are deployed on network segments that can access secured applications and the Atmos Cloud simultaneously.

Connectors should be located in a network that has connectivity to your applications.

High Availability

Applications are associated with Connector Zones. It is important to associate at least 1 connector per connector zone in production. This is important for ensuring high availability. Thus, if a server or VM with a running connector fails, the application remains secured and accessible by at least one more running connector.



The best practice is to associate a minimum of 2 Connectors per Connector Zone.

Viewing Connectors

To view the Connectors window, in the Management Console go to the Settings-> Connectors screen.


In the Connectors screen you can filter connectors, add new connectors and delete connectors.

Click here to learn more about adding Connectors.

Click here to learn more about Connector Zones.

Configuring Connectors

Configuring App Connectors involves two main tasks: adding connectors in the Management Console and deploying connectors on your Virtual Machine.

Click here to learn more about adding a connector in the Management Console and deploying it on a virtual machine.

Once a connector is added and deployed, it is displayed on the connectors page: Settings -> Connectors screen.