Atmos Cloud API: Generate Token

The Atmos Cloud API allows administrators to do the following:

  • Create users or groups
  • Update users or groups
  • Delete users or groups
  • Request a list of users or groups in the system, including the relations between them.
  • (Limited Release) Upload a personal authentication key for SSH servers. Edit an SSH application and select “Use Axis IdP personal private key” to connect users with the key.

For Example: Use groups to manage access to applications. You can create a group of users in a certain policy that grants access to an application. Adding a user to this group provides access to the application, and removing a user from the group revokes the access.

Generating an Authentication Token

To start using Axis Cloud API you need to create a new authentication token in the Management Console.

  1. Go to Settings > Admin API -> New API Token.
  1. Add a name and description.
  2. Set the token properties: Permissions, scope, and expiration.

Token Permissions

  • Read-only. Admins can request a list of entities.
  • Read and write. Admins can update and create entities.

Token Scopes

  • Users.
  • Groups.
  • Connectors.

Token Expiration

  • Select expiration in days or months. Note: Admins will receive an email notification regarding the token expiration a month, a week, and a day before expiration.
  1. Click Submit.