Sending Logs to Syslog

Use Log Streaming to forward logs from the Axis Management Console to an external Syslog receiver.

Note: The system supports a TCP output.

To send Logs to Syslog:

  1. In the Management Console, click Settings > Log Streaming -> Add Log Streaming.
  2. Select Syslog.

The New Log Streaming window is displayed.

  1. Configure the following options:
  • Name: Add a name for the log stream.
  • Description (Optional) Add a description.

Syslog Server

  • Host: Enter the host.
  • Port: Enter the port.
  • Transport type: Click the Transport type drop-down menu to select either TCP or UDP
  • Date format: Click the Data format drop-down menu to select either CEF or JSON as the data format.

Connector Zone
A connector zone is created automatically.

  • Zone: Click Create Connector to add a connector.
  1. Click Submit.



To commit your changes

  1. Go to the top-right menu.
  2. Click Apply Changes
  3. Review your changes
  4. Click Commit changes.

Troubleshooting Sync Issues

The Log Streaming table provides the following sync status information:

SyncedLog has synced successfully
Sync in progressLog is currently syncing
Pending initial syncLog has not synced yet
Not synced Log has not synced recently, there may be a temporary sync issue. Indicates the time since the last successful sync

If the log sync indicator is red, take the following action:

  • Ensure that the Syslog service is running
  • Ensure the Syslog service is configured to receive logs using the selected port and protocol type in the Syslog settings
  • Ensure all the connector machines in the Log Streaming connector zone can access the Syslog server port