About Certificates

Axis Security can use certificates to secure and validate the communication between applications hosted on Axis Security servers and your end-users (clients). The certificates provide authentication between the client and server to securely send data using Transport Layer Security (TLS). The applicant's domain name is validated by proving some control over a DNS domain.

There are two kinds of certificates:

  • Client Certificates. Certificates used by the Device Posture management. The Device Posture profile contains a set of criteria that the user's device must meet in order to access applications in Axis.
  • Domain certificates. A Domain-Validated certificate is an X.509 digital certificate used mostly for Transport Layer Security, which facilitates privacy and data security for internet communications. In Axis, the domain certificate is used to validate a domain when adding a web application. Click here to learn more about adding a web application.



As stated in RFC2818, be sure that the domain wildcard contains all the application domains as determined by the certificate.

For instance, a certificate for *.domain.com matches a.domain.com, but doesn't match a.b.domain.com.