Connector Deployment Checklist

Use this checklist prior to installing the Atmos Connector software. For RHEL also make sure subscription-manager status shows the machine is registered or it can’t access repos.

  • Supported Linux Operating System (CentOS/RHEL/Ubuntu/Oracle/AmazonLinux2/Rocky)

    hostnamectl | grep "Operating System" | cut -d ":" -f 2

  • Server has Minimum Requirements

    cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "cpu cores" | sed -n 1p
    free -hm | awk 'NR==2{print $2}'
    df -h /

    Expected output
    Minimum 4 CPU, 8GB RAM, 40GB Disk.

  • User can SSH into the server

    ssh @

  • User has Sudo Privileges

    sudo -v

    Expected output
    empty output.

  • Server can Resolve Private and Public DNS

    nslookup OR dig
    AND nslookup OR dig

    Expected output
    Internal server resolves to private IP, Axis host resolves to Public IPs.

  • Server can Route to the Internet and Display Public IP


    Expected output
    Connector Source Public IP address.

  • Server can Download Packages from Public Linux Repositories over HTTPS/443

    sudo yum install curl OR sudo apt-get -s install curl

    Expected output
    yum is able to download a package or confirm it is already installed.

  • Server can Communicate with Axis Security Cloud over HTTPS/443

    curl -kfsSLv -m 5

    Expected output
    Axis Server certificate is displayed and TLS v1.3 handshake starts.

  • Server can Communicate with Internal Applications

    • HTTP: curl -kfsSLv -m 5 http://internalIP_or_FQDN:port

    • HTTPS: curl -kfsSLv -m 5 https://internalIP_or_FQDN:port

    • SSH: curl -v telnet://<internalIP_or_FQDN>:22

    • RDP: curl -v <internalIP_or_FQDN>:3389

      Expected output
      Web apps will display page content, SSH will display the SSH version, and RDP will display Connection reset by peer. A “Connection refused” means a firewall is blocking.