Own Domain, Axis Hosted Domain, and Hybrid Approach Feature Comparison Matrix

The following table summarizes when to use your own domain, Axis hosted domain, and hybrid approach:

FeatureOwn DomainAxis Hosted DomainHybrid ApproachDescription
Easier and faster to deploy.YesYes (for POC only)NoRequires minimal configuration.
Higher PerformanceYesNoNoProvides higher performance because URL rewriting is not required
Better User ExperienceYesNoNoUsers access the URL format that they would normally see instead of seeing a URL.
Requires changes to public DNS recordsYesNoNo
Requires Customer Support assistance to configure URL rewriting for the application to work properly.SometimesNoNoIf you have all your domains for deploying an application, customer support is not required for the Axis hosted domain.

Note: If you need help discovering your domains for an application, work with Customer Support.
Requires that you log into your application and record all the internal and SSO domains that your application uses that need to go through the Axis Cloud.NoSometimesYes
Supports existing SSO/SAML configured web appsYesYesNoFor customers who have web apps they have already been configured in an IdP, such as Okta, these apps are internal and already have Okta configured to use the URL, such as https://myapp.company.com.
For this to work through the Atmos Agent, you will need to use your own domain and domain certificate to match that URL.

Important: If you are using an Axis hosted domain, you will not be able to launch your application from Okta because Okta uses the original URL of the application.