Allowing Atmos Agent Processes

This section provides the rules for allowing the Atmos Agent Connector.

Anti-virus and endpoint detection and response solutions, such as SentinelOne or Titanium scan for malicious processes on end-users machines. To prevent scans from disrupting the Axis Client activity, administrators can create bypass rules that exclude the Atmos Agent processes.

Here are the Atmos Agent processes paths to exclude:


/Applications/Axis Security/Axis Security Security Client

/Applications/Axis Security/Axis Security Client-darwin-x64/Axis Client

/Applications/Axis Security/Axis Security

/Applications/Axis Security/Uninstall Axis Security Axis Security Client


C:\Program Files\AxisSecurity\axis_manager.exe

C:\Program Files\AxisSecurity\axis client.exe

C:\Program Files\AxisSecurity\osqueryd.exe