Web Applications Errors

This article provides information about errors encountered in web-based applications. It contains the following:

  • End-user's errors
  • Administrator indications

End-Users' errors

Users may encounter these errors when they attempt to log in to the application. The error messages include the error code, text explaining the error, and an indication of the source of the error. They also include a trace ID for Axis support.



Customer Support can use the session ID to troubleshoot a specific user session.


The following table describes errors in web applications and their solution.

Error Code




Access was blocked due to policy restrictions.

Create a policy rule to grant the user access to the application.


The application is configured with the public connector zone, but has a private IP address.

Change the application’s IP to a private address, or change the connector zone to one that is not the public connector zone.


URL out of scope - User tried to access another domain from the app.

Add the page domain as an additional domain in the web application's advanced settings.

If the problem persists contact Axis Support: [email protected]


Unsupported Browsers.

Use a supported browser. Learn more .


The URL couldn’t be found. This may be a rewrite problem, or otherwise, it can happen if the user entered a non-existing URL.
Contact Axis support:

[email protected]

Note: To send a HAR file, click here.


The application DNS routed back to Axis instead of the application server.

Make sure the connector is configured to use the private DNS server instead of a public DNS server.


Axis encountered an internal server error.

Try again in a few minutes.
If the problem persists, contact Axis Support: [email protected]


URL rewrite failure

Contact Axis Support: [email protected]


Axis could not find the application server.

Make sure the application server is online. In addition, ensure the connector can access the application server and is not blocked by a firewall.


No available connectors

Make sure the connectors in the application’s connector zone are online. If the problem persists, deploy another connector to the zone.


Cannot connect to a private IP using the public 
connector zone.

Configure a different connector zone for the application in the Axis Management Console.


There are no available connectors in the zone.

Make sure your connectors are online or deploy new connectors to the zone.


Identity Provider login failed. There was an error authenticating with the Identity Provider.

Try to refresh and log in again. If the problem persists, check your Identity Provider configuration.


Access to this page is blocked

Create a policy rule to grant the user access to the application.

No Code

Access denied. 
 is not an administrator in workspace

To allow the user access, add the user as an administrator.

Note: Enter the correct workspace name before logging in.

Administrator indications

Administrators have visibility on the errors encountered by their end-users in web applications and the User Portal. An error in the user’s session triggers an indication in the session header, which also appears in the Insights dashboard.

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