About Locations

Locations represent offices or data centers that are sending traffic to the Atmos Cloud for web policy enforcement. Traffic forwarding is facilitated by creating an IPSec tunnel from a customer site to an Atmos Point of Presence. This allows for policy to be enforced for traffic from provisioned locations, without the need for an agent to be installed on every device.

Sub Locations represent different groups of users or devices within a location. These are defined by the Internal IP Address of the client device. This allows for different policies to be created for different groups within a location. Sub Location traffic will be forwarded using the location’s configured IPSec tunnel.

For example:

  • Corporate IT devices may be from the address range.
  • Guest Devices may be allocated an address from the address range.
  • Corporate user's can access social media, while guest users can be blocked from accessing social media.In this case, two Sub-Locations can be defined:
    1. Corporate IT can be created based on traffic sourced from the range.
    2. Guest can be created based on traffic sourced from the range.
    These two sub locations can have different web policies applied to them, even though the traffic is being sourced from the same location.

Locations and sub locations ensure that web policies can be enforced for:

  • Guest or temporary users who do not have the Atmos Agent installed.
  • Servers that do not have a specific user assigned to them.
  • On-site employees who do not have the agent running or installed



Click here for more information about how to configure Locations.