Adding SharePoint Integration

Step 1: Add a new SaaS Integration

  1. In the Management Console, click Settings -> CASB Integrations.
  2. Click on New CASB Integration and select SharePoint.

Step 2: Configure your SharePoint Integration

Microsoft SharePoint

These steps will help you configure Microsoft SharePoint for use with the Atmos CASB API:

  1. Name your SharePoint account.
  2. Authorize the SharePoint integration:
    1. Click Authorize.
    2. Access the SharePoint Portal: You will be automatically redirected to the SharePoint portal.
    3. Log in to SharePoint: Sign in to your SharePoint account.
    4. Review Permissions: Review the permissions required for Atmos to access your SharePoint account.
    5. Accept Permissions: If the permissions are acceptable, click "Accept" to grant access.
  3. Add Tags to your SaaS Integration (Optional). Tags help create policy rules fast and efficiently for groups of Integrations.