About Device Trust

Note: This is a limited release feature. For more information contact Axis Security Support: [email protected]

In the BYOD world of today, it is imperative that admins can trust the security of the users’ devices. The trust in a given device can come from two sources: Client certificates, or device postures.

  • Client Certificates secure and validate the communication between applications hosted on Axis Security servers and your end users. The certificates provide authentication between the agent and server to securely send data using Transport Layer Security (TLS). Click here to learn about client certificates.
  • The Device Posture object contains a set of criteria that the user's device must meet in order to access applications in Axis. It is a means of restricting access to certified devices. Click here to learn more about device postures.



The Atmos Agent Device Trust can only be used if the Atmos Agent is installed on your device.