Continuous Policy Enforcement

With enhanced continuous enforcement, Atmos ensures that authorized sessions are continuously being evaluated and enforced based on current policies. When a session no longer adheres to the policy, or there are changes to the user's provisioned identity (e.g. the user is deleted from the IdP), Atmos will terminate the session immediately.

Enforcement Criteria

Atmos will continuously enforce policies for authorized sessions based on the following events:

  • Changes to the policy associated with the session.
  • The user is disabled in the Identity Provider (IdP).
  • The user is deleted from the IdP.
  • Changes to the group to which the user belongs.

Supported Protocols

Continuous enforcement is supported with applications accessed both with and without the Atmos Agent.


Changes to the user's circumstances mid-session are only visible through the SCIM Directory View. Click here to learn more.


Atmos Agent version 2.61 and above.