File Matchers

Creating File Matchers

File Matchers consist of a data direction (upload, download or both) along with these data matching elements: file type and file name or file size.

  1. Log into Axis Management Console
  2. Navigate to Policy->File Security
  1. Under the File Matcher tab click on the “New File Matcher” button and then provide a name and optional description for the matcher.
  1. Next, select the data direction that this matcher will act on. The data direction is defined from the perspective of the user agent. The options are Upload, Download or Upload & Download. If Upload or Download is selected, the matcher will only match data in that specific direction.
  1. Next, populate the File Type section by selecting a list of file types to be matched for. One or more file types may be selected. Multiple file type entries are evaluated using OR logic. For example, if both .png and .jpg types are added, a matched file may be either a .png or a .jpg file
  1. Optional File Controls may now be added.
  • File Name - select Add File Control, select Name and then add a list of file names to match in the File Name dialog box. File names may be verbatim string matches or may consist of 1 or more wildcards within the string. Multiple file name entries are evaluated using OR logic.
  • File Size - select Add File Control, select Size and then add a Maximum File Size. Any file size equal to or less than the size of the Maximum File Size will be matched. File sizes may be configured in KB, MB or GB.
  • Dictionaries - select Add File Control, select Dictionaries and then select a regex dictionary. Any file containing a regex pattern which is under the selected dictionary will be matched. One or more dictionaries may be selected. Multiple dictionaries entries are evaluated using OR logic.
  • A note about File Matcher logic: File Controls (File Name and File Size) are evaluated with AND logic against the File Type and are used for a more exact data match.

    [File_Type] AND [File_Name] AND [File_Size]

    Elements within File Type and File Name are evaluated with OR. When combined, the overall match logic
    works like:

    [File_Type1 OR File_Type2] AND [File_Name1 OR File_Name2] AND [File_Size]
  1. Complete the File Matcher configuration by clicking on “Submit”.