Troubleshooting Connectors

There are two main issues that can arise regarding a connector:

  1. An application is unreachable.
  2. Connector availability issues.
  3. Connector misconfiguration.

Application is Unreachable

In most cases, an application cannot be accessed by a connector for one of two reasons:

No network access from the connector machine to the application

Check if the application can be reached:

HTTP: curl -kfsSLv -m 5 http://internalIP_or_FQDN:port
HTTPS: curl -kfsSLv -m 5 https://internalIP_or_FQDN:port
SSH: curl -v telnet://<internalIP_or_FQDN>:22
RDP: curl -v <internalIP_or_FQDN>:3389

In case an application cannot be reached, ensure there are no routing or firewalls blocking access from the Connector to the internal apps.

Connector machine is configured to a different DNS server than expected

In some cases the connectors are on a network where a different DNS server is utilized than expected. Running the following commands checks whether the Connector is able to resolve internal applications via DNS:

  • nslookup hostnameORfqdn
  • dig hostnameORfqdn

Connector Availability Issues

You can tell whether the connector is not available by checking the connectors page in the Management Console. Go to Settings -> Connectors.

Connector is unavailable to serve all applications


In case a connector is unavailable to serve applications, try the following steps:

  • Try to reboot your machine.
  • To make sure a firewall isn't blocking outbound connectivity from Connector to the Axis backend. When it works it will end with displaying some certificate information:

The following command checks connectivity to Axis Security:

curl -kfsSLv -m 5

Connector is available to serve only agentless applications


If the connector shows that it is available for agentless only (which means, not available to serve agent-based applications), verify the following:

1The UDP ports are open outbound on the firewall.
2The proper resources are assigned to the connector (4vcpu/8gb Ram).
3The changes in the Axis management console have been applied before pasting in the Curl script

Connector Misconfiguration

If your connector is not working, use the following table to check for the following:

1Your outbound firewall rules aren’t open
2Your changes have been applied and committed in the Axis Management Console
3You have assigned the correct network interface to the connector