Feature Comparison: Using your Own Domain or Axis Hosted Domain in Web Applications

For web applications using a Clientless deployment, you can use one of the following ways:

  1. Option 1: Using Your Own Domain
  2. Option 2: Using an Axis Hosted Domain
  3. Option 3: Using a Hybrid Approach: Applying URL Rewriting on Your Own Domain

This article describes the difference between these options and provides guidelines for selecting the appropriate deployment for your environment. Click here to learn more about how to add a web application.

See also Feature Comparison: Using your Own Domain or Axis Hosted Domain.

Key Considerations

The key considerations for using your own domain, Axis hosted domain, and hybrid deployment are as follows:

  • Ease and speed of deployment
  • Whether your organization allows you to upload a domain certificate to the Axis Cloud
  • Displaying the original URL to your users
  • Type of deployment: POC or production environments.

What is URL Rewriting and When to Use it?

URL rewriting in an Axis Cloud software feature that alters URLs, changing the destination and is required when you use an Axis hosted domain. URL rewriting prevents the disclosure of underlying technology or to HTTP clients. If you are using URL rewriting, you’ll need to know the domains and the architecture that is associated with your applications.

A potential challenge of using the “URL rewriting” method is that HTML pages traditionally reference other targets which are hosted elsewhere. As a result, a browser will query external resources also known as carrying cross origin resource sharing requests (CORS) asking for public information and having Axis rewrite these external resources host portion. For the consumer, there is potential for pages not loading properly because of broken links, commonly seen for AJAX requests and JavaScript.

POC Deployments

The Axis Hosted Domain is ideal for onboarding applications in a POC stage because it allows customers to add applications without requiring uploading a domain certificate to Axis Cloud and a DNS migration. This approach is meant for a fast path to onboarding applications during a POC. However, the optimal approach, especially if you are deploying many applications, is to use your own domain for the production environment.