Step 1: Adding Office 365 Applications with Conditional Access

This section describes how to configure IP Restriction for Office 365 Conditional Access on the Axis Cloud and Atmos Agent.

Note: Before you begin, review the Prerequisites

To add a Microsoft Office 365 Application with Conditional Access:

  1. Install the Atmos Agent on the endpoint. Learn more.
  2. Configure the Axis Connector. Learn more.
  3. In the Management Console, go to the Settings > Destinations > New Applications > Network Access > Network Ranges screen.
  4. In the Name field, enter a meaningful name so that you can easily identify the application; for example, MSOffice365 Network - Conditional Access.
    The New Network Range window is displayed.
  1. In the Local Address Range, enter the following domains:
  1. In the Local Port Range, set the local port range to 443.
  2. In the Connector zone, select the appropriate connector zone.
  3. In the Application Tags, optionally include this application to the application tags.
  4. Click OK.