Create a File Security Profile

Building a File Security Profile

  1. Navigate to Policy->File Security
  1. Under the Profile tab, select the “New Profile” button and then provide a name for the profile
  1. Begin adding File Matchers to the FSP by clicking on Add File Rule and then selecting a File Matcher from the pull down. Next select an action to be applied upon match with this File Matcher.
    A FSP will alway have at least one data match rule, the “Default File Matcher”, which matches any File Type, File Name or Size.
  1. Continue adding additional File Rules.

File Rule order is important. File Rules are evaluated from the top down beginning with rule 1. If rule 1 does not match, evaluation will continue on to rule 2 and so on until a match is found. If no administrator defined rules are matched, the final “Default File Matcher” will match and its action will be used.

  1. Complete the FSP configuration by clicking on “Submit”.