Use ICMP to check connectivity on the following:

ICMP Requirements

If you are enabling ICMP, the following is required:

* Axis Connector: Version 2.35.0 and higher.

  • Atmos Agent: Version 2.58.0 and higher.
  • Connector Zone: Use any connector zone, except the Public Connector zone.



To upgrade your existing connectors to an ICMP supported version, contact Axis Security Customer Support: [email protected]

Which ICMP Commands are Supported?

The following ICMP commands are supported for macOS and Windows clients:

MacOS Clients

  • ping <ip_address>
  • traceroute - I <ip_address>

Here is an example of macOS running the traceroute - I command.
The first 2 addresses are the Axis Connectors.


Windows Clients

  • ping <ip_address>
  • traceroute <ip_address>