SaaS Activities Exploration

All events generated by the API CASB are captured and can be explored in the Activity Exploration table.

This table serves as a central hub where you can easily access and analyze every event, offering transparency and real-time insights into the security posture of your digital assets.

The Activity Exploration tables enables you to explore all ZTNA, SWG and CASB events all consolidated in one central location. Allowing you to gain the full picture and insights of your organization's network security and assets.

In the above figure, an example to a possible user journey is presented. The user:

  • Downloaded a malicious file from an internal RDP Session.
  • Logged in the corporate One Drive SaaS Application Instance.
  • Transferred sensitive files, which generated alerts.
  • Tried to upload the mentioned malicious file, and was blocked.

The Exploration tables enables admins to filter all the presented fields over specific time periods in order to analyze and investigate every event, user story or file journey in the organization.