Adding a Gitlab Application

Gitlab, like other SaaS applications, is accessible from the public internet. Axis Security’s solution provides the ability to further secure the access using advanced policy rules, device posture checks, and more.

Click here ](about Saas) to learn more about SaaS applications in the Axis Cloud.

Adding a Gitlab Application

To add a Gitlab application:

  1. In the Management Console, click Settings -> Applications->Add Application.
  2. Select the Gitlab application from the application picker. You can also search for Gitlab in the app picker under the Web Applications category.

New Gitlab Application

  1. In the Name, enter a meaningful name.

Address Range

  1. In the Address Range section, enter your repository name. This will be used to populate the list of addresses. 



For predefined SaaS applications, the address range updates automatically. You can view the entire list of addresses by clicking Edit Full Address List. This takes you to the Address Range window.  See section below.

Application Tags

  1. Start typing to create new tags, or choose from the drop-down list. 
  2. Click Ok

Adding an Address Range


The address list populates and updates regularly. 

  1. Click the toggle to disable an address. 
  2. If the list above does not include all of the SaaS addresses,  click Add Another Address to add a DNS wildcard, an IP range, or CIDR. 
  3. Click Ok



To commit your changes, navigate to the top-right menu, click Apply Changes, then select Commit Changes.