About SaaS Applications


Software as a service (SaaS) application is a web-based application that is hosted, supported, and maintained by a service provider. Instead of installing software, you access the application through the Internet.

SaaS Applications and the Axis Security Solution

SaaS applications are accessible from the public internet, and thus they are much more vulnerable to attacks. Administrators can use Axis Security’s rule-based access and device posture check to secure users’ login to SaaS applications. This is done by routing users' access through the Axis Cloud and policy before reaching the SaaS application servers. Axis Security brokers a connection to the application and as a result, users never access the application directly.

To complete the security solution, admins can restrict access to the SaaS application only to Axis’s IP range, ensuring users are not able to reach the application without going through the Axis policy check. Contact [email protected] for the IP range.



SaaS Applications can only be accessed through the Axis Client. Click here to learn more about the Axis Client.

The Advantages of Using the Dedicated Axis SaaS Application


With self-hosted web applications, if the organization has more than one domain, such as acme.com and acme.io, the administrator must manually add them when configuring the application.

With SaaS applications, there is no need to add all of the application's domains because they are preconfigured and populated by Axis into the application, and updated regularly.

Self-Hosted Web Applications vs SaaS Applications Comparison

The following table summarizes the difference between self-hosted web applications and SaaS applications from the Axis Security perspective.


Self-Hosted Web Applications

SaaS Applications

Axis Client

Client-based or Clientless. The web-based application can be accessed with or without the Axis Client.

Client-based. The SaaS application can only be accessed with the Axis Client.


When setting up a web-based application, the admin must provide all of the website's domains

No domain change is required. When an original domain is used, such as "www.salesforce.com", all the domains are preconfigured and updated regularly.

Application’s URL

Access the application URL by using one of the following ways:

• Axis axisapps.io subdomain.
• Upload a domain certificate so that users can use the original website domain.

Users access SaaS applications using the original website domain.


The web-based applications provide URL visibility so that the admin can keep track of each URL visited by the end-user.

The admin can only see when the user connects and disconnects.

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