Adding a Trusted Sources Authentication Exemption

Use the Trusted Sources Authentication Exemption option for API-based, HTTP and HTTPS traffic server-to-server communication from a trusted resource without going through IdP authentication.



This is a limited release feature.



This feature is enforced before all policy rules. This means each request to the application from the exempted IPs will not be prompted for authentication, regardless of what is configured in the policy.

This section has the following topics:

  • Configuring a Trusted Sources Authentication Exemption
  • Viewing Trusted Sources Activity

Configuring a Trusted Sources Authentication Exemption

To configure a Trusted Sources Authentication Exemption:

  1. In the Management Console, navigate to the Settings > New Applications > Web Applications > Self-Hosted Web Application.
  1. In the bottom right of the New Hosted Web Application screen, click Advanced Settings.
    The Advanced Settings screen is displayed.
  1. In the Trust Sources Authentication Exemption section, select the Exempt specific trusted IPs from IdP authentication on access toggle to enable the feature.
  1. Click Add a Trusted Source.
  1. In the Source Name, enter the source name.
  2. In the IP range/CIDR, enter the IP range or CIDR.



When specifying the source IP Range/CIDR, make sure that it is a trusted source that you want to exempt from IdP authentication.

  1. Save your changes.
  2. In the top right of the screen, select Apply Changes > Commit Changes.
  3. Next Steps: Viewing Trusted Sources Activity

Viewing Trusted Sources Activity

You can view trusted source sessions, including the IP address, location, and duration of the session. You can view trusted source sessions in the Dashboard and activity in the Trusted Sources screen.

To view trusted sources sessions in the Dashboard, navigate to the Insights > Dashboard screen.


To view trust source activity:

  1. Navigate to the Insights > Trusted Sources screen.
  1. On the trusted resource, click anywhere in the row to view detailed information about the trusted resource (IP address, location, and duration of session).

    The following screen is displayed.


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