GA Announcements

September 11, 2022

  • “Axis Client” is now “Atmos Agents” - Both the management console and the portal now display “Atmos Agents” rather than “Axis Clients”.
  • File upload/download block in Web App Profile - The Web App Profile now offers the option to prevent users from uploading or downloading files via HTTP.
  • Enhanced visibility into network ranges - Network administrators can now see which hosts are being accessed by users through the Axis Cloud infrastructure. Information is provided as IP/FQDN: port records, allowing real-time visibility to assist with application discovery

August 1, 2022

  • Remember workspace for mobile agents - Atmos Agent now remembers the latest workspace a user logged in to. Read more about Atmos Agent for IOS and Atmos Agent for Android
  • Windows AV posture check - Atmos Agent can now check if an AV is installed and running on Windows devices. Read more about Configuring the Atmos Agent Device Posture
  • Integrations and Log Streaming status notifications - Admin can get notifications if there are syncing issues with Partner Integrations (Okta API, Crowdstrike) or Log Steaming (Splunk, Syslog)
  • Update of the connectors notification email sender address - Change connectors notifications email sender address to: [email protected]
  • Device posture visibility in enrolled client table - Administrators can monitor and manage the devices used in the organization that have the Atmos Agent installed. The Enrolled Clients screen provides information about user details, Atmos Agent Status, Device Information, and configured device posture checks. Read more about Enrolled Client Management
  • Rooted iOS/android device posture check - Checks if there were modifications made to the device, relevant for iOS & Android.
  • Domain discovery tool for “custom domain” web apps - Domain Discovery Tool, which assists in configuring secure access to web-based applications by discovering additional domains associated with the website, is now available for web apps that use custom domains for remote access.
    Read more about Additional Domains for Web Applications
  • File transfer hash visibility in siem logs - An additional hash calc field is added to the Siem logs being sent when files are being transferred in http apps.

July 3, 2022

  • Domain discovery ( applications only) - Configuring secure access to web-based applications is now faster and easier with the introduction of a tool that discovers additional domains associated with a website.
  • Applications direct URLs - Admins and users can streamline access by copying direct URLs to frequently used applications and adding them to their personal IdP portal or saving them as direct browser bookmarks. Read more about unique application URLs and accessing an application using a direct link
  • Azure IdP with hidden client secret - Azure IdP form is now compliant by hiding the client secret field.
  • Continuous enforcement for SSH tokens - Users that use agentless native SSH access can now reuse a pre-generated token. The policy is always enforced during the connection and not only once a token is generated or connected with. A session will be disconnected once the token is expired or the user's circumstances no longer match the policy requirements.
  • Agent tray icons - New icons indicate the Atmos Agent state.
  • Agent pause/resume from the tray icon - Allow users to pause/resume their Agents by right-clicking the tray icon.

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